25 April 2018

View from the One World Trade Center.  WOWZA
Spring in NYC ♥
Ferrying to Liberty Island & Ellis Island was so peaceful and picturesque.
My delicious (and somewhat) healthy lunch on Ellis Island! 
This cathedral was so pretty ♥

new york city.   waking up at unearthly hours to travel.  listening to this song to get in the mood. trying, trying, trying to sleep.  rest stops.  too tired to function.  wanting hot coffee, but i don't drink it.  reaching the big apple.  the first glimpse of the skyscrapers and magnificent buildings.  sunlight reaching into the bus and gently drenching everything in golden whispers of eagerness.  crazy kids.  so much graffiti.  being a tourist in a city that inspires me so much.  the amazement of a country kid in the big city.  witnessing the memorials of the twin towers.  9/11 memorial.  taking pictures next to the survivor tree.  going up the elevator in the highest building in the western hemisphere.  one world trade center.  (i actually saw a guy vlogging there...#internetculture). anything is possible in new york city.

drinking in the view of NYC.  when traveling, always soak the view in.  that's what lives in your mind.  new york city is a huge, vast city.  it's inspiring.  it's big.  it's beautiful.

walking down to the waterside to board a ferry.  we passed a small film production.  trying to snap pictures of all the beauty of the city as i passed it too quickly.  reaching the h u g e line to board the ferry.  relief that our group was able to go the slightly shorter line.  security.  (i now kinda hate going through security !!!!). snapping pictures and laughing as we left battery park on the ferry to head to statue of liberty island.  cold winds.  bright sun.  heading to ellis island after climbing to the top of the pedestal of lady liberty.  (i'm gonna go back one summer day and climb to the crown ;) eating a healthy lunch!! (go NY). the architecture of ellis island.  the history of immigration.  taking selfies and being tired after lunch.

getting on the bus & heading to st. patrick's cathedral.  spontaneously deciding a few of us wanted to get souvenirs. leaving the group and buying merch off the streets of NYC.  overpriced? yes.  worth it? yes.  the memory was worth it.  witnessing a mass for the first time.  the solemnity of the occasion.  trying to vlog XD.  desperately wishing i could go shopping in manhattan.  (they had urban outfitters!). the evolving and inspiring style and culture of the city.

getting back on the bus to leave the city.  passing the president's new york building.  i see.  i see.  hmm.  stuck in traffic.  telling jokes to pass time.  finally reaching the japanese restaurant.  stuffing myself with good food that is probably actually not all that good for me.  playing with the kid's toy things in the middle of the mall.  (hey, it was late.) running back to the bus.  going home.  telling stories. and once again, being too tired to function.

it was an amazing day.  but i want to go back already.

If you haven't gathered from this post, I went to New York City last Friday on a field trip with my school, and it inspired me to no end.  Can I just live there for a few months??? I love it so much.

Have you ever been to NYC? Definitely do come if you haven't.  It's amazing.  And I didn't even get to explore all of it.  Yet. ;)



16 April 2018

Happy day, amazing people! I am so, SO sorry for the absence on my blog recently.  Junior year's coming to an end so I'm just trying to soak in every moment and not get too overwhelmed.  I only have TWENTY more days of school, y'all.  I'M STOKED.  Also, I've been working on some pretty big projects that you guys will hopefully get to see soon! SO STAY TUNED. the meantime, I AM FOR THE FIRST TIME TODAY... *drumroll* *stop being so cheesy, autumn* 


This has been something that I've thought about for years, but never got around to actually doing.  So when I started looking for some inspiring and cute wallpapers for my phone and laptop a few weeks ago, I kind of came to a wall.  

SO I MADE MY OWN.  And I'm sharing them on here (!!)

So if you love any of these (do let me know!), I've made them available for download.  These are all desktop wallpapers (maybe I'll make phone wallpapers in the future? you tell me?), so they should work well for any desktop device you have.  Happy desktop-wallpapering! 


HUSTLE: Desktop Wallpaper - DOWNLOAD LINK 

YOU GOT THIS: Desktop Wallpaper - DOWNLOAD LINK 

DON'T QUIT: Desktop Wallpaper - DOWNLOAD LINK 

SO what'd you think? Let me know your thoughts down below if there's any specific designs you'd like me to try! 

How's life been, y'all? Does the weather finally feel like spring yet? This past weekend it peaked into the 80s and actually felt like summer, which is insanely awesome.  I'm also working on a fun post that should hopefully be up soon :) BLESSINGS, frens.